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You do your best work when you are surrounded by coworkers who are doing their best work.

I will teach you to build better places to work, where you and your coworkers are happier and more productive.

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Some of my adventures:

The Skiff

Surround yourself with 150 coworkers who make you work better. Coworking, meeting rooms and community events.



Make money while your agency sleeps within 10 weeks. Part-time technology directors and digital product consultancy.



Fill your meeting rooms with happy coworkers. Meeting room booking software for community focused office spaces.


Open Coffee Sussex

Surround yourself with 500 business owners who make your digital business better. Founders, veterans, investors and coffee.



Surround yourself with 796 developers who make you code better.
Events, conferences, hack days and cultural exchanges.



Brigton's user-generated unconference primarily focused around technology and the web.
8 events and over 1,000 participants since 2007.



A 10 week startup accelerator programme in Brighton, England.
Run with 8 teams in 2009.



Zero configuration social media analytics SaaS. Used by over 250,000 people.
Sold in 2012.



A failed attempt to introduce consumers to structured data. Web based triple store 2007-2011.