Employing people is stressful.

Helping more people doesn't have to be.

Explore calmer ways to work that are affordable to even the smallest of businesses.

How can I help?

Get ideas for prioritising your people, the wider community and the planet

Small B2B product and service providers can be a force for good. I write a newsletter with bite-size ideas from small businesses like yours.

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Join a regular gathering of software business founders

I help fellow software business founders to get to know their peers. I co-founded a meetup that brings together people with an ambition to build lasting, independent software businesses in Sussex.

If you'd like to join the next one check out SussexFounders.

Spend one day a week in a place that puts you first

I help freelancers, remote employees and solo business owners escape the isolation of working alone. I cofounded the longest running single-location coworking community in Brighton.

If you'd like to visit check out The Skiff.

Make your client-services business more resilient

I help business owners to level up their consultancies, agencies or training businesses. Often that means adding a source of self-service B2B subscription revenue.

If you'd like help doing the same check out PlainScaling.

Provide your coaching clients with more support

I help business coaches to automate elements of their expertise. I build software that gives them more time to have the conversations that really matter.

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